Guest Blogger- Monique

I’m B1 reporting live from Apollo Bay today, I’m with B2 and B3. Do you have any pets? B2 has three ducks, nine chickens, six cats, one rabbit and seven birds. B3 has two cats, three dogs, two guinea pigs, four ducks, one horse and three lambs.  What’s your favourite sport and Why? B2 favourite sport is cricket because my whole family has played and I enjoy it. B3 favourite sport is gymastics because I like practising. What’s your favourtie subject at school and Why? B2 favourite subject is sport because it keeps me active and it’s my passion. B3 favourite subject at school is sport because it helps you get fit. Do you have any siblings? B2 has one brother who’s 18 and his name is B4 and one sister who is 22 and her name is B5. B3 has one younger sister called B6 and she’s 12 years old. How long have you lived in Hawkesdale? B2 has lived in Hawkesdale for 9 years. B3 lived in the same house since she was born. B2 has been at her school since prep and believes she’ll continue till year 12. B3 has been at this school since Year 7. What do you want to do when you’re older? B2 would like to become a fitness trainer and own a gym. B3 would like to be a hair dresser and own her own salon.

Semester 1

This semester has been fun. I have enjoyed being in the sport days and being in the netball team for our school. We won 2 games out of 3. I have enjoyed this half of this year and I am looking forward to next semester. I am looking forward to next semester for school footy.

Drinking water podcast

This is my script about water, My name is Aimee and I live in a small town called Hawkesdale. When we have no water left in our tank we have to get a truck load of water again to fill up our tank again. This year we had to get a truck full for our tank in summer because summer was a really hot one this year. This was our first time getting a truck full for our house. A truck full usually cost about 200 dollars.

Click on this link to listen to our podcast.hawkesdalep12college waterinrural areas

This podcast will be used by a German student radio program.

Apollo Bay visit.

Last Friday the 26th, year 8’s from my school, we went to Apollo Bay to show the year 7’s and 8’s at Apollo Bay how to blog, how to start a blog, how to share things with your family, friends, parent and students. We were on the bus for 3 hours up and then 3 hours back. By the end of the day we were all pretty much tired. We spent 1 hour of blogging with the students at Apollo Bay and 1 hour of surfing at the beach. We got wet suits from the Apollo bay school to wear for down the beach. It was really fun and a good experience for the people that haven’t surfed before which I was one of those people. We got a board each. Our teacher picked a student to pick for blogging so we had blogging buddies. I got on really well with my blogging buddies which was really good. Term 4, we are having a camp at Apollo Bay with the year 8’s. We will be doing a lot of surfing, bushwalking and making new friends. I think we are going to the beach every day so that should be good, hopefully it will be good weather. I am pretty excited for camp because surfing, bushwalking is my thing. Meeting with the students at Apollo Bay was really good fun and good to make new friends. When we came back from blogging with the students we played games in the stadium. My favourite part of the day was when we went surfing and talking to new people and getting to know new people. I cannot wait for term 4 for the campwith them.


Drinking Water

Drinking water comes from the sky, into the tank, into the pipes and goes into my house and the same for the school so we can use the bubble taps and the water fountains.  When we have no water left in our tank we have to get a truck load of water again to fill up our tank again. This year we had to get a truck full for our tank in summer becasue summer was a really hot one this year. This was our first time getting a truck full for our house.

Issues for living in a country, if you run out you might have to drink bore water you get from under the ground which dosnt taste to good so I rather buy water. It taste a lot better and it is a lot fresher than bore water from under the ground. If you get animal waste or anything in your tank you could get sick and you can get a bad condition. We have had a few issus at our school, we have had a possum in our tank once and a lot of students got sick and got gastro.

People access drinking water from the taps at home, the shower, a bath, a bore water tap outside etc. For school you can get access water from the bubble taps we have at our school or the water fountain in the canteen. At school we have about 5 tanks for all different things.

Term 1


I liked the swimming sports this term. It was really fun and it was good weather for it. I went to the next stage to Inter Swimming Sports at Beaufort for the under 14’s relay. I helped out in the Primary athletics at the canteen selling cakes, drinks and slices. I have enjoyed cooking in class. This term I am participating in the Triathlon, in the triathlon the activities are swimming, bike riding and running. In my group I am doing bike riding. I have enjoyed this term and I am looking forward to the holidays and next term.