Drinking Water

Drinking water comes from the sky, into the tank, into the pipes and goes into my house and the same for the school so we can use the bubble taps and the water fountains.  When we have no water left in our tank we have to get a truck load of water again to fill up our tank again. This year we had to get a truck full for our tank in summer becasue summer was a really hot one this year. This was our first time getting a truck full for our house.

Issues for living in a country, if you run out you might have to drink bore water you get from under the ground which dosnt taste to good so I rather buy water. It taste a lot better and it is a lot fresher than bore water from under the ground. If you get animal waste or anything in your tank you could get sick and you can get a bad condition. We have had a few issus at our school, we have had a possum in our tank once and a lot of students got sick and got gastro.

People access drinking water from the taps at home, the shower, a bath, a bore water tap outside etc. For school you can get access water from the bubble taps we have at our school or the water fountain in the canteen. At school we have about 5 tanks for all different things.

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  1. Hi Aimee, thanks for this interesting post. Do you know how much a tankful of water costs? If you can find out, it would be good to add this to the podcast as many people take it for granted that water is freely available.

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