Apollo Bay visit.

Last Friday the 26th, year 8’s from my school, we went to Apollo Bay to show the year 7’s and 8’s at Apollo Bay how to blog, how to start a blog, how to share things with your family, friends, parent and students. We were on the bus for 3 hours up and then 3 hours back. By the end of the day we were all pretty much tired. We spent 1 hour of blogging with the students at Apollo Bay and 1 hour of surfing at the beach. We got wet suits from the Apollo bay school to wear for down the beach. It was really fun and a good experience for the people that haven’t surfed before which I was one of those people. We got a board each. Our teacher picked a student to pick for blogging so we had blogging buddies. I got on really well with my blogging buddies which was really good. Term 4, we are having a camp at Apollo Bay with the year 8’s. We will be doing a lot of surfing, bushwalking and making new friends. I think we are going to the beach every day so that should be good, hopefully it will be good weather. I am pretty excited for camp because surfing, bushwalking is my thing. Meeting with the students at Apollo Bay was really good fun and good to make new friends. When we came back from blogging with the students we played games in the stadium. My favourite part of the day was when we went surfing and talking to new people and getting to know new people. I cannot wait for term 4 for the campwith them.


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