Guest Blogger- Monique

I’m B1 reporting live from Apollo Bay today, I’m with B2 and B3. Do you have any pets? B2 has three ducks, nine chickens, six cats, one rabbit and seven birds. B3 has two cats, three dogs, two guinea pigs, four ducks, one horse and three lambs.  What’s your favourite sport and Why? B2 favourite sport is cricket because my whole family has played and I enjoy it. B3 favourite sport is gymastics because I like practising. What’s your favourtie subject at school and Why? B2 favourite subject is sport because it keeps me active and it’s my passion. B3 favourite subject at school is sport because it helps you get fit. Do you have any siblings? B2 has one brother who’s 18 and his name is B4 and one sister who is 22 and her name is B5. B3 has one younger sister called B6 and she’s 12 years old. How long have you lived in Hawkesdale? B2 has lived in Hawkesdale for 9 years. B3 lived in the same house since she was born. B2 has been at her school since prep and believes she’ll continue till year 12. B3 has been at this school since Year 7. What do you want to do when you’re older? B2 would like to become a fitness trainer and own a gym. B3 would like to be a hair dresser and own her own salon.

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