Interesting e-mails



This e-mail is not right because the username sounds bad, what they wrote and the Chinese writing. If you get one of these e-mails do not reply.






This e-mail is bad too because you have to download it and if you did you could get a virus. There is a lot of money there so you can clearly tell its a spam. The bank would have of rounded it to $65 so that makes it is someone messing around with you trying to get you to think that they are actually the National Australia Bank. If you get one of these e-mails do not click onto it or reply to it.


Valentines Day.

This photo is just a few things what Valentines is about, what you get or what you do. Today is Valentines Day. Valentines Day is on the 14th of the February.Valentines day is about love, hope, trust. You either give your Wife, Husband, Boyfriend, girlfriend chocolates or flowers. Visit this website to find out more about Valentines Day.


Otway Fly

On Tuesday the 6th of November year 7’s and year 8’s went to the Otway Fly. The Otway Fly is a native place where you can go for a walk around and see amazing things like dinosaur models, tree’s, a spiral tower that was about 53 meters high and the best part of it for me was when we went on the cantilever which is 47 meters high and it was wobbling. We rocked it to the left than the right. It was a fun and an good experience of the forest.

I laughed so much when…Nathan said to Jacob “I wouldn’t leave you hanging brother”.

Next time I would definitely… go on the Zip line.

If only you could see… a waterfall there.

The most challenging part of the trip for me was… not trying to go to sleep on the bus.

The most memorable part of the trip for me was… when we were on the cantilever 47 meters high of the ground and Nathan said to swing it to the left than the right at the same time so we did.

Production Night. A Winter’s Tale.







On Monday the 29th, my school had a performance based on a Shakesphere play called A Winters Tale. We had two plays one on monday and one on wednesday. Year 7 girls and year 8 girls we were Bollywood dancers. At the start I felt real nervous going out to dance in front of parents students and grandparents. I had butterflys the first time when I was running out to dance for the first time but the sencond time I was fine. I think it was just cause I got used to it the second time.  After the performance I was just telling my self I did it and I was pretty proud of myself. One half of the setting was in the winter’s forrest and another part of it was set in summer. I enjoyed the Production a lot and I have learnt to just be yourself and go out there and have loads of fun because you will probably never do that sort of thing again. A big thanks to Kate our dance structure, the band, the dancers, actors and Carolyn and Rosie for getting the performance togerther.